On February 15, 2023, SUN sent a Member Alert to Public Health nurses and Locals representing Public Health nurses to update you on the new Primary Health Care Network organizational change, future changes, and the direct impact on members.

We advised that:

  • The SHA has the right to make changes to their structure and operations.
  • The SHA is creating brand new Agencies/departments/programs.
  • Members have been served notice and it is the SHA’s position that the change is covered by the transfer/merger language in our Collective Agreement.
  • The SHA states that “position location, position status and job duties will remain the same”.
  • SUN’s position is that this change does not constitute a simple transfer, and should be covered under our Closure/Conversion language in the Collective Agreement.
  • SUN also believes that since the SHA is choosing to create brand new Agencies/departments/programs with a new, larger geographical reach, our members' geographical responsibilities and work will change.

In our February 15 communications, we indicated that SUN has articulated our position to the SHA, requested data, and has committed to further discussions with the SHA in order to find common ground, and ensure that members’ rights are protected. In addition, because a brand new entity is being created, members' rights under the CBA must be upheld which requires the SHA to provide members with a range of options.

On February 17, 2023, SUN met with the SHA for further discussion to attempt to align our positions, ensure we had clarity regarding the application of the Collective Agreement, and discuss and negotiate solutions regarding the implementation of this significant organizational change.

Much to our surprise, immediately following our meeting on February 17, SUN began receiving new master rotations for the following;

  • Three (3) of the four (4) Integrated Primary Health Care Agencies: Integrated Urban-Saskatoon Agency, Integrated Rural Agency, and Integrated Northern Agency;
  • Population Health Agency; and
  • Infection, Prevention & Control Agency – Integrated Rural and Integrated Northern

It is clear the SHA is moving forward with the implementation elements of this organizational change despite ongoing discussions between the parties and with no agreement. We have also learned that SUN members working in Public Health received direct emails and copies of the new master rotations. 
As per Article 7.03, the Employer shall develop and maintain a master work schedule that shall be mutually satisfactory to the Employer and the Local. 

SUN has communicated with the SHA that we are not in agreement and the new masters are NOT mutually satisfactory. Further, should the SHA implement these rotations, SUN reserves the right to file a grievance accordingly.
If you have any questions, please contact SUN and speak with your Employment Relations Officer