Recent graduate nurses and new registered nurses entering the work environment will require your support to be safe, competent, ethical and effective in their new roles. They are working to consolidate their professional practice as registered nurses and become familiar with their new practice setting.

SUN members need to know how to best support graduate nurses within their working environment. Information on graduate nurse supervision and practice is available from your regulatory body. It is also important to review resources available from your Employer, Canadian Nurses Protective Society, Local, and SUN Provincial.


What Members Need to Know:

  • Recent graduate nurses require supervision, and the registered nurse at the front line will determine the necessary level of supervision, which will evolve from direct to indirect.

  • In their orientation and supervisory stages, recent graduate nurses and new registered nurses should not be included in baseline staffing.

  • Proactively identify patient and registered nursing needs on every shift and communicate staffing changes needed using low-level resolution and the nursing advisory process.

  • Inform and mentor recent graduate nurses and new registered nurses about Work Situation Reports and how they must address professional practice, workload and staffing concerns.

  • Complete Work Situation Reports for ANY professional practice, workload, and staffing issue not resolved in real-time with your Manager/designate.

  • If you have concerns about orientation, training, and/or probationary matters, consult your Local President and/or Labour Relations Officer.  


Professional Practice Resources

College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS)


Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan (RPNAS)


Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS)


Saskatchewan Health Authority


Saskatchewan Union of Nurses


Whom to Contact

Local President: Your Local President is your collective agreement and professional practice advocate in your working environment.

Labour Relations Officer: Your LRO at SUN Provincial is your labour relations representative assigned to Locals to address member concerns and protect member interests using the collective agreement.

Nurse Practice Officer: Your NPO at SUN Provincial is your professional practice representative assigned to Locals for support, advice, and assistance.

Regulatory Bodies: Your regulatory body (CRNS/RPNAS) is mandated to protect the public.  They are available to members for consultation and advisement on professional practice.

Canadian Nurses Protective Society: Your regulatory body provides you with professional liability insurance through the Canadian Nurses Protective Society. You can obtain confidential legal advice, review their publications on topics impacting professional practice, and complete continuing education through their monthly webinars.

Labour Relations Officer & Nurse Practice Officer servicing assignments can be found on the SUN website, or you can contact one of the SUN Provincial offices at: