All registered nurses in Saskatchewan are required to participate in their professional regulatory bodies’ continuing competence program to continue practicing as registered nurses. 

The programs are:

  • Continuing Competence Program (CRNS)
  • Career-long Learning Program (RPNAS)

The CRNS and RPNAS have implemented revised programs that SUN Members must complete during the year for registration renewal in Fall 2023.

What Members Need to Review

What Members Need to Know

  • Failure to comply with the continuing competence requirements set by your professional regulatory body could result in your inability to practice.
  • Contact the professional regulatory body (CRNS/RPNAS) with your individual questions about completing the continuing competence program.
  • Review your email inbox/spam/junk folders for critical information from your professional regulatory body.
  • Engage in professional development, continuing education, and lifelong learning to gain additional knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to advance from novice to expert.
  • Familiarize yourself with your professional development collective agreement article to know what support you are entitled to.
  • Review SUN Provincial Professional Practice Resources to support your lifelong learning.

Whom to Contact

  • Local President: Your Local President is your collective agreement and professional practice expert in your working environment.
  • Nurse Practice Officer: Your NPO at SUN Provincial is your professional practice expert assigned to Locals for support, advice, and assistance.
  • Regulatory Body: Your regulatory body (CRNS/RPNAS) is the regulatory expert mandated for the protection of the public. They can help with the interpretation and application of minimum requirements and best practices in registered nursing practice.

Professional Practice Resources

Nurse Practice Officer servicing assignments can be found on the SUN website, or you can contact one of the SUN Provincial offices at:   
Regina                                               Saskatoon
1-800-667-7060                                1-800-667-3294