On May 1, 2023, all Extendicare Canada, Inc. SUN members transitioned to the SUN/SAHO collective agreement. Changes to Work Situation Reports (WSRs) and addressing professional practice concerns with the Joint Nursing Advisory Committee (NAC) took effect. 

The SUN/SAHO professional practice articles support members’ obligations for safe, competent, high-quality, and appropriate healthcare of long-term care residents.

Professional Practice Changes

  • Professional Practice Articles & Appendices
    • Article 56-58: Nursing Practice, Nursing Advisory Committee & Independent Assessment Committee (p. 126-132)
    • Appendix A – Procedural Guidelines for an Independent Assessment Committee Hearing
    • Appendix B – Algorithm Chart for the Joint Nursing Advisory Process [NEW]
    • Appendix C – Joint Nursing Advisory Terms of Reference [NEW]
    •  Appendix D – Collaborative Problem Solving Process [NEW]
    • Appendix E – Joint Nursing Advisory Committee Process Definitions [NEW]
    • Appendix F – Terms of Reference: Provincial SUN-SAHO Nursing Advisory Committee Executive Oversight Committee [NEW]
  • Professional Practice Escalation Options Expanded:
    • Executive Oversight Committee (EOC) [NEW]
      • Trending Issues
      • NAC has exhausted all other options
      • NAC disagreement on a resolution
    • Saskatchewan Health Authority Board of Directors (BOD); and,
    • Independent Assessment Committee (IAC).
  • Article 9.03: In the absence of registered nurse management personnel, the registered nurse designated in charge will have the authority to call in staff subject to criteria, or in the absence of criteria, the ability to call in staff based on their professional opinion. 

What Members Need to Review

What Members Need to Do

  • Use low-level resolution and consult with your colleagues, including your manager/designate, to find solutions in real-time to professional practice, workload, and staffing concerns.
  • Complete WSRs for ANY professional practice, workload, and staffing issue not resolved in real-time with your manager/designate.
  • All SUN members will now complete the same WSR form.

Whom to Contact for Professional Practice

  • Local President/NAC Chairperson: Your Local President and NAC Chairperson are your experts on your collective agreement and professional practice in your working environment.
  • Nurse Practice Officer: Your NPO at SUN Provincial is your professional practice expert assigned to Locals for support, advice, and assistance.

Nurse Practice Officer servicing assignments can be found on the SUN website, or you can contact one of the SUN Provincial offices at:   
Regina                                               Saskatoon
1-800-667-7060                                1-800-667-3294
regina@sun-nurses.sk.ca              saskatoon@sun-nurses.sk.ca