SUN is committed to helping Locals and members advance professional practice, workload, and staffing concerns using strong collective agreement articles and processes negotiated with Employers. The professional practice articles advance the obligation for members to provide care that is safe, competent, high-quality, and appropriate to the healthcare needs of their patients.
To find solutions to professional practice issues, members must be knowledgeable, engaged, and involved. This can mean completing Work Situation Reports (WSRs) and participating in the Joint Nursing Advisory Committee (NAC) processes for their Local.

What Members Should Do

If your collective agreement does not include these articles, please contact your Local President and Nurse Practice Officer (NPO) for assistance.

Whom to Contact for Professional Practice Assistance

  1. Local President/NAC Chairperson: Your Local President and NAC Chairperson are your experts on your collective agreement and professional practice in your working environment.
  2. Nurse Practice Officer: Your NPO at SUN Provincial is your professional practice expert assigned to Locals for support, advice, and assistance.
  3. Regulatory Body: Your regulatory body (CRNS/RPNAS) is the regulatory expert mandated for the protection of the public. They can help with the interpretation and application of minimum requirements and best practices in registered nursing practice. 

Canadian Nurses Protective Society: Your regulatory body provides you with professional liability insurance through the Canadian Nurses Protective Society. You can obtain confidential legal advice, review their publications on topics impacting professional practice, and complete continuing education through their monthly webinars.

Nurse Practice Officer servicing assignments can be found on the SUN website, or you can contact one of the SUN Provincial offices at:   
Regina                                               Saskatoon
1-800-667-7060                                1-800-667-3294                

Professional Practice Resources

Canadian Nurses Protective Society

College of Registered Nursing of Saskatchewan (CRNS)

Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Saskatchewan (RPNAS)

General: 306-586-4617 or