The professional practice environment may not always support safe, competent, ethical, appropriate, and high-quality care. You may experience situations where you are unable to meet your professional responsibilities and accountabilities set by the regulatory body, employer, or profession.

SUN and Employer representatives (i.e., ANHH, Extendicare, SAHO) have a historical legally binding, robust process within collective bargaining agreements, negotiated in good faith, for provisions dedicated to low-level resolution and collaborative problem-solving to address professional practice and workload concerns. 

The goal is to find solutions in real-time using communication with your colleagues and Manager/designate. When solutions can’t be found in real-time, then Work Situation Reports (WSRs) should be completed as soon as possible and submitted to your Local and Manager either via an online or paper form. The Joint Nursing Advisory Committee is tasked to review and use collaborative problem-solving to try and find solutions to the concerns reported to them. Protecting your professional practice and patient safety should be the #1 priority.

SUN is committed to advocating and helping to advance professional practice and workload concerns. This cannot happen without Members engaged in communication and documentation of concerns when they occur. WSRs, Joint Nursing Advisory Committee, and escalation processes are SUN Members’ tools for change.

What Members Should Do

  • Review the WSR/NAC Learning Modules & Resources online created by SUN Provincial.
  • Complete WSRs after using low-level resolution and speaking with your Manager and/or designate, every time professional practice, workload, or staffing issues are not resolved in real-time.
  • Understand your regulatory body, employer, and professional responsibilities and expectations for the performance of registered nursing practice.
  • Use your Nursing Practice and Nursing Advisory Committee collective agreement articles and related appendices to address concerns in professional practice (e.g., SUN/SAHO CBA - Articles 56-58 & Appendices A- F).

Assess your professional practice and work environment for issues that do not allow you to fulfill your professional responsibilities and accountabilities as defined by your regulatory body, employer, and profession.

Who to Contact for Professional Practice Assistance

  1. Local President:  Your Local President is your expert on your collective agreement and professional practice in your working environment.
  2. Nurse Practice Officers (NPOs):  Your Nurse Practice Officers at SUN Provincial are your professional practice experts assigned to Locals for support, advise, and assist.
  3. Regulatory Bodies: Your regulatory body is the regulatory expert mandated for the protection of the public. They can help with the interpretation and application of minimum requirements and best practices in registered nursing practice. 
  4. Canadian Nurses Protective Society: Your regulatory body provides you with professional liability insurance through this organization. You can obtain confidential legal advice, review their publications on topics impacting professional practice, and complete continuing education through their monthly webinars.

Professional Practice Resources


College of Registered Nursing of Saskatchewan (CRNS)

Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Saskatchewan (RPNAS)

Canadian Nurses Protective Society

Legal Advice / Publications / Webinars

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