Recently, as you are aware there have been two exemptions requested by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) with respect to N95 respirators.  To ensure all SUN members have the most current information regarding these requested exemptions please see the update below.

In November 2020, SUN advised members that due to the high demand and limited supply of PPE around the world, the SHA applied for and received an exemption to use expired N95 respirators. The exemption expired on October 1, 2020; the SHA reapplied for an exemption to use expired N95 respirators.

The SHA applied to the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety (LRWS) under Section 3-85 of The Saskatchewan Employment Act, for exemptions regarding the use of expired N95 respirators.

The SHA has received an exemption regarding the use of specific models or stock numbers of N95 respirators that have expired (within the pandemic PPE inventory). This exemption, valid until November 5, 2021, was granted following appropriate and acceptable testing of the respirator models listed below, and with specific conditions in place in place for the use of the stock.

This exemption is limited to the following makes and model numbers of N95 respirators:

  • 3M 1860
  • 3M 1860s
  • 3M 1870
  • 3M 8210
  • Kimberly Clark 46727
  • Kimberly Clark 46827

As per the exemption, the SHA must perform retesting every six (6) months of the expired N95 respirators covered by the order.

NOTE: SUN members must be notified by the Employer if, and when, their unit is utilizing expired N95 respirators. 

The exemption application process for the reprocessed respirators requires an application for each reprocessing and/or sterilization method requiring approval.  The SHA has submitted two applications for the reprocessed respirators - one for the VIDO-Intervac sterilization process and one for the Stryker sterilization process. 

To date, some designated areas are collecting used N95 respirators for reprocessing.  It is important to note that the collection of N95 respirators does not mean these respirators will be utilized as the reprocessed N95 respirators have not received exemption status from Labour Relations Workplace Safety (LRWS). The SHA estimates the potential approval of these in March 2021.

NOTE: SUN members must be notified by the Employer if, and when, their unit is utilizing reprocessed N95 respirators. 
SUN has agreed to the use of the expired N95 respirators limited to the specific styles referenced above and only in emergent circumstances when certified and valid PPE are not available.

SUN Provincial continues to monitor the situation, raise member questions and concerns and request transparency and information from the Ministry of Health and SHA through our involvement with the Safety Partnership Advisory Group (SPAG).

Members are reminded, that expired N95 respirators should only be used under circumstances when certified and valid PPE are not available. If the need arises and members are asked to wear an expired N95 respirator, members should double-check the model type (see list above) is covered by the exemption.

Members are reminded that they should not be using reprocessed N95 respirators under any circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Local OH&S Representative, as well as SUN Provincial’s Duty Roster, for assistance.

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