Rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals in a variety of settings across the province is being expanded. Rapid antigen testing is being used as a screening test to help sort people without symptoms who probably are not infected, from those who need to be further investigated.

With more contagious variants now starting to show up in our province, it is more important than ever to expand testing options and capacity to limit the spread of these highly contagious viruses - point-of-care testing can detect COVID-19 to protect individuals and prevent others from spreading.

It’s important for everyone, especially frontline healthcare workers, to be tested and tested regularly. Testing will be voluntary, but this additional screening tool can help to protect you and those around you and help maintain a safe workplace and home environment.

Members are encouraged to review the SHA website and resources listed below to learn more about the program and/or access the online training.

Learn More About The At Home Testing Program

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