Legislation in Saskatchewan ensures that Employers are required to set up and maintain an Occupational Health Committee (OHC) at workplaces with 10 or more workers. An occupational health and safety representative (OHS Representative) helps the Employer and workers to improve health and safety in the workplace by identifying and resolving relevant concerns. OHS Representatives are also required in workplaces with five-to-nine workers who are engaged in activities that regulations deem highly hazardous.
Your OHS Representatives provide a channel of communication between the Employers and workers. They conduct regular inspections and talk with workers about their health and safety concerns. They participate in reportable incident investigations (both accidents and dangerous occurrences). They assist the Employer with the development of safety procedures, policies, and programs, and they meet with the Employer regularly to discuss concerns.

It is important that all SUN members:

  • know who your OHS Representatives are (especially your fellow SUN members);
  • know where OHS communication is located in your workplace;
  • know where to find the OHS reporting forms in your workplace;
  • know how to report concerns in your workplace; and
  • know where to find OHS policies and processes.

Connect with your Local President or OHS Committee member in your workplace if required. 
Your voice and action will create a safer workplace for all.