SUN members express concerns about safety within their workplace and professional practice. 

The following information and recommendations support SUN members and Locals to find solutions. 

CFNU Member Survey Summary Report (2023) reported that 9 in 10 nurses experienced some form of abuse and a remarkable 64% experienced physical abuse from clients. Further, it was reported that 86% of respondents experienced bullying, and 89% experienced verbal abuse, all from clients.

WorkSafe Saskatchewan (2021) reports that nursing supervisors and registered nurses made up 19.67% of total injuries by occupation and suffer 16.93% of time-loss injuries and fatalities with 6.14% arising from assaults, violent acts, attacks, and harassment.  

What Members Need to Know

  • There is no collective agreement article, standard, indicator, competency, or ethical responsibility that states registered nurses should accept abuse, injury, or assault by patients, visitors, or others.
  • SUN members can address safety, security, and violence concerns through Labour Relations, Occupational Health & Safety, or Professional Practice articles. 
    • Member Rights or Collective Agreement Articles = Labour Relations
    • Member Safety = Occupational Health & Safety
    • Patient Safety & Professional Obligations = Professional Practice
  • The most appropriate collective agreement process must be used to address the root cause of the issue to obtain the most appropriate solution.

SUN Provincial supports members through your Local Executive, SUN Board of Directors, and assigned Employment Relations Officer and Nurse Practice Officer.

What Locals and Members Need to Do

  • Members must report and document safety, security, and violence concerns to their Manager/designate, Local President, and Occupational Health and Safety Representative.
  • Review employer policy, procedure, and emergency management plans to know to whom, and how to appropriately report and address safety and security concerns.
  • Involve your Employment Relations Officer in ongoing safety and security concerns not resolved at a local level, and arrange for:
    • Union-Management Meeting, and/or
    • Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meeting. 
  • When safety and security issues are reported as part of patient safety and work situation reports, the Nursing Advisory Committee Chairperson and Local President collaborate to develop an action plan to address the root cause, using the right collective agreement process(es).
  • Ensure that you have an Occupational Health & Safety representative as part of your Local.
  • Ensure that you have an active Occupational Health & Safety Committee with your Employer.

Involve your SUN Board of Directors for assistance and union engagement.

Learning Resources

Whom to Contact

  • Local President: Your Local President is your collective agreement and professional practice expert in your working environment.
  • Employment Relations Officer: Your ERO at SUN Provincial is your labour relations expert assigned to Locals to address member concerns and protect member interests using the collective agreement.
  • Nurse Practice Officer: Your NPO at SUN Provincial is your professional practice expert assigned to Locals for support, advice, and assistance.

Employment Relations Officer and Nurse Practice Officer servicing assignments can be found on the SUN website, or you can contact one of the SUN Provincial offices at:   
Regina                                               Saskatoon
1-800-667-7060                                1-800-667-3294