September 20, 2022

SUN is extremely pleased to advise that we have been successful in reaching a settlement with the SHA regarding the grievance filed related to the SHA Proof of Vaccine Policy Directive.
The negotiated settlement includes the following key points:

  • Any discipline imposed by the Employer in relation to the Policy Directive will be removed and retracted from the personnel file of any SUN member who received such discipline.
  • All amounts deducted from SUN members’ pay, related to compliance with the monitored testing program within the Policy Directive, will be reimbursed within 30 calendar days of the date of signing, which is today.
  • Individuals who did not comply with the Policy Directive will receive a non-disciplinary letter of expectations stating that the SHA expects Employees to comply with all applicable policies when implemented in the future.

Members who do not receive their reimbursement by October 21, 2022, are asked to please contact their Local President or ERO.