On March 9, 2022, your Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Board of Directors made the decision to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and the registered nurses and healthcare workers impacted by the ongoing conflict. 

SUN is proud to donate $250,000 to this cause, supporting the ICN Humanitarian Fund for Ukraine Relief as they work tirelessly to provide care through this crisis.

Saskatchewan has deep and lasting ties to Ukraine, with 13 percent of residents claiming ancestral connections. The deplorable actions by Russia are harming friends, loved ones, and families of Saskatchewan people, including many SUN members and the patients they serve. SUN condemns Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, and its targeted attacks on the Ukrainian people, including immoral assaults on healthcare facilities.

Please consider signing the #nursesforpeace petition by the International Council of Nurses, supported by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, calling for the protection of healthcare and an end to the hostilities in Ukraine. Click here to sign the petition