As vacation submissions ramped up over the last few weeks, the SHA began to enforce its new vacation policy along with some newly created work standards. SUN heard from many concerned members and locals regarding the content and application of this new policy as well as certain related memos and work standards.

After completing a thorough review, SUN has filed a policy grievance to protect the interests of all members. SUN believes the content within the SHA policy and supporting documents to:

  • not be compliant with our Collective Agreement,

  • not be clear, and;

  • having already been inconsistently applied throughout the SHA.

These are factors that must be adhered to by any Employer when creating workplace policies and when they are not followed, must be challenged in the form of a grievance.

Although SUN has taken a position to challenge this policy, we would like to be clear with members that, despite the grievance being filed, the implementation and application of the SHA Vacation Policy remains in force and must be followed. The filing of a grievance simply formalizes the union’s challenge – its filing does not prohibit the SHA from proceeding to manage its affairs related to vacation as directed in its policy. As with any Policy Grievance, we will certainly keep our locals and the membership apprised of any significant developments and/or resolutions as they arise.

Should you have any questions or have had your vacation directly affected through the implementation of the SHA vacation policy, please contact your Local SUN representatives or your Labour Relations Officer.