On Monday, November 4th, SUN notified SAHO that we were preparing an Unfair Labour Practice Application.

Today, this application was filed with the Saskatchewan Labour Board.

This was not a decision your negotiations committee took lightly.

As a union representing registered nurses, SUN takes a “clinical”, methodical and evidence-based approach to our work. The same applies to negotiations.

After extensive review of conduct throughout the collective bargaining process in concert with our legal counsel, SUN firmly believes SAHO and the Employer’s bargaining committee has not been bargaining in good faith.

The conduct of SAHO and the Employer's bargaining committee during collective bargaining has left SUN questioning whether the committee has the authority to bind its principals and/or the intent, mandate, and authority to enter into a renewed collective agreement. 

SUN also is left questioning whether SAHO and the Employer’s bargaining committee are making the required reasonable efforts to enter into a renewed collective agreement. 

SUN does not believe SAHO and the Employer’s bargaining committee have been bargaining in good faith. 

Registered nurses are the single largest group of healthcare professionals in Saskatchewan. We play a vital role at all levels of our health care system, which is in the middle of a complex and difficult transition.

At a time when registered nurses should be engaged in managing a successful and patient-centred transformation of our provincial healthcare system, it is unfortunate that we find ourselves in a position where we believe bad faith bargaining has occurred.

I would like to reaffirm SUN’s unwavering commitment to good faith bargaining, transparency and a collective agreement that protects your rights and enhances your ability to provide safe patient care – a priority I know you, as Saskatchewan’s more than 10,000 registered nurses hold above all others.

Please watch your email, the SUN website and Facebook in the coming weeks for more information. 

In solidarity, 

Tracy Zambory, RN