The protests outside of hospitals happening across Canada, and today in Saskatchewan, are reprehensible acts of callous disregard and lack of respect for patients and families who are literally at their most vulnerable and seeking medical care. Furthermore, these protests are a damaging blow to the morale of exhausted health care providers.

SUN is in no way associated with the group organizing and conducting these protests.

SUN and Saskatchewan’s registered nurses always stand on the side of science.

As a Union and as the largest group of health professionals on the frontlines of this pandemic, SUN has tirelessly advocated for evidence-based public health measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Vaccines are one of the most important, science-backed tools we have to end this pandemic.

The majority of registered nurses in Canada have seen first-hand the devastating effects of COVID-19 and understand that the only way out of this pandemic is through vaccination, physical distancing, masking and vaccination validation.

While SUN supports freedom of speech and expression, SUN will never condone these thoughtless acts of protest outside health facilities. Saskatchewan patients and their families, SUN members, and all other healthcare providers do not deserve the trauma and emotional abuse being caused by these protests.

This organization does not deserve to call themselves nurses. These protests must be stopped.