Since the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) Policy Directive: Proof of Full COVID-19 Vaccination was circulated to members in early October, SUN has been reviewing and investigating the Policy Directive.

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After completing this thorough review, SUN has filed a Policy Grievance on behalf of all SUN members. SUN believes that the Policy Directive is not clear and unequivocal, and does not pass the tests required of a unilaterally imposed employer policy.

However, we would like to be clear: SUN remains supportive of mandatory COVID-19 immunizations – our position statement from August 19, 2021, remains unchanged. We believe the Employer has the ability to create policy, but after completing our due diligence, we have filed this grievance not in opposition to the purpose of the Policy Directive but rather to how that purpose is being implemented and/or applied through the Policy Directive.

We would like to be clear with members that, despite the grievance being filed, the implementation date of the SHA Policy Directive is unchanged. It is SUN's understanding that the Policy Directive still comes into effect on November 15, 2021, and SUN members will need to make their own personal decisions recognizing the SHA may take disciplinary measures for non-compliance. The filing of a grievance simply formalizes the union’s challenge – its filing does not prohibit the SHA from proceeding. The grievance process is lengthy and even if the grievance is referred to arbitration, it could be two or more years until an Arbitration Award is issued.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your SUN Employment Relations Officer or call SUN Duty Roster at 1-800-667-7060 (Regina) or 1-800-667-3294 (Saskatoon).